Wednesday, July 2, 2008

8 months

That's the time it took us to go for a public beta. Despite the early delivery, the baby is doing excellent :)

Yes, we are ready for the big game.

I left Trilogy/Versata last Oct to embark on a journey that I always wanted to take on - start my own company. It was a dream. Somehow, the timing felt just right. I was finishing on a very exciting part of my career at Versata - the Versata University (VU), a fresher training program. It were action packed 3 months. I didn't really wanted to go back to less exciting enterprise stuff. I was toying with the entrepreneurial idea for a few months now. It felt like a natural step to take on something bigger.

8 months later, I am very excited to be a part of this venture. I am enjoying myself more than ever. While the idea has evolved quite a bit since the time I started, the vision is still the same - we still want to be the no. 1 travel application in India.

Thanks to all who supported us in the alpha and early beta stage. The bugs you sent were indeed very valuable. I hope you all enjoyed the journey so far and continue to support us in future.

We realise that this is just the beginning - we have a long way to go. We are working hard to make sure we create an application that is useful to you. Something that solves your travel pain-points, an application you can use reliably. There's lot of brain-storming going on daily basis. If you have more ideas on how we can achieve that, please do get in touch with us, our lines are always open! You can write to us at

Back to work now!

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