Sunday, July 27, 2008

3 Cheers to Collaboration!

One of the main reason people travel is to have fun - to experience new things, to relax, to spend some "Me time". And when there are multiple people traveling with you, the fun multiplies.

Making travel arrangements is nuisance, sort of necessary evil. Coordination, planning, booking - who wants to do that? It would be really nice if somebody else can take care of those and we can just go! Ah, ideal world :)

Alas, until we achieve that kind of magic-ness, we have to take care of such things ourselves. While more often than not, it's a few people in a group who make all the travel arrangements, almost everybody chips in with their contribution and help the group. Somebody does the research and find out about cool waterfall that "must" be visited, while somebody else dials a few numbers, negotiates and closes the lodge bookings. A few others help with the sandwiches, recharges the camera batteries. A couple of souls agree to drive Maruti in the backyard 6 hrs. That's the social creature in us. That's who we are.

And once we decide to do it, it becomes the part of fun. We enjoy that too.

In an online world, we call this collaboration. People come together, help each other out, have fun and along the way create something great that we cherish rest of our lives.

Collaboration is one of the core ideas around which this site is built. We want to carry on that fun to the online world, and along the way help in your travel arrangements. And how?

When you plan an outing, you can create a trip on Must See India. You can invite people going out with you and track their responses of whether they are going or not. There's a dicsussion board where you can discuss trip related items - what all places to go, options for accomodation. All trip members can contribute to all parts of the trip - be it trip details, photos, travelogues. (Toddlers are excluded, until law permits them to have an email account.)

To maintain sanity, we've kept a few things reserved to the so called moderator - the person who created the trip. Moderator has extra rights to invite people, delete photos and change trip privacy. While this can be restrictive in some cases, in any collaborative effort, it is required for one person to have the deciding power in case of conflicts. We're working on additional set of features to reduce the responsibility off the shoulders of one person and make it easier for others to facilitate as well.

While more features will get added with time, this is the soul of Must See India, and will remain at the center of all activities.

It has been a good July month for us, with starting of the public beta and lots of people participating in it. People have been sending us feedback and we have working hard to get it implemented sooner. We are sending out new invites almost daily. If you haven't got it yet, do get in touch, we'll be more than happy to extend you one.

The more and more people try it out, the better we sleep. After all, what's more incredible than to see happy customers.

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  1. I love traveling, I love exploring new places. All i need to travel is my GPRS mobile phone and a backpack and am on my way lol.