Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Introducting Month and Tag filters

Searching for that perfect destination that suits all your needs can be tough. We take pride in the fact that we provide you a varied list of options. However, too many choices can spoil the fun too! It can sometimes become difficult to choose one among the many.

To help that process, we have introduced month and tag filters on destinations and city getaway pages. These are in addition to the theme filters and aim is to give you finer control to choose and compare destinations.

The month filters help you to narrow down to a destination recommended for that particular month. To look out for destinations recommended for a particular month (say "September"), select that month from the drop down on left.

To search for destinations for a particular activity (say "Honeymoon"), click on one of the tags on the table on the right. This will give you a filtered list of destinations as per the selection of month and activity.

Check out this page on the website.

As always, our focus has been on a very simple UI. The small [x] icon at the top right of the month and tag can be clicked to remove that criteria.

We are eager to know how well we are solving the pain points and making travel easy for our users. Do let us know your thoughts, it helps us improve further.

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