Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Top Holiday Destinations of 2008 (as per Google)

Google has just released the top searched holiday destinations of India as part of its 2008 Year-End Google Zeitgeist. Goa tops the list, followed by Kerala and Kashmir. Other destinations on the list are Shimla and Manali.

We at MSI are heartened to see these destinations making the top list. In our own list of top 10 destinations, all these destinations rank pretty high. Goa leads our list in the best beaches in India as well as is part of the top honeymoon destinations list; Kashmir, Shimla and Manali are part of best hill stations in India; and Kerala has always been our top honeymoon destination.

Here's the complete list:
  1. Goa - MSI best beaches and best honeymoon destination.
  2. Kerala - MSI best honeymoon destination.
  3. Kashmir - MSI best hill station in India
  4. Dubai
  5. Singapore
  6. Australia
  7. London
  8. Shimla - MSI best hill station in India
  9. Switzerland
  10. Manali - MSI best hill station in India

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