Monday, August 9, 2010

Discovering the hidden gems of Maharashtra

Following where the travel community is headed each season, its nice to see that people are
discovering the unknown amidst the known. So, we at MustSeeIndia are bringing to you a consolidated post on travel blogs from across India,
and we start with this piece talking about what's unexplored and hidden in the state of Maharashtra.

Such is the city of dreams, that it has something for everyone who visits from the history enthusiast, creative artists and nature lovers alike. One such blogger writing at Travel Magic found this little tree lined lane tucked away in the bustling city of Mumbai.

A blog which gives readers an insight into the life and of Mahatma and the little nuances of Mani Bhavan which he describes as " Mani Bhavan, once the residence of the Father of the Nation, is now a source of inspiration for freedom and peace loving men and women all over the world".The blog also has references to all the significant turn of events which took place in during the freedom movement like this one "Gandhiji was arrested in his tent on the terrace of Mani Bhavan in the wee hours of the morning of 4th January, 1932". The gripping details described by the author indeed calls for a visit to look back on the Gandhi's life and work.

Moving away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city he travels seventy kilometers outside the city to visit the ruins of the Vasai
Fort.This rather intriguing post takes the reader to a little known hamlet, which was once the main naval base and ship-building centre of the Portugese. The ruins captured behind his lens, he talks about lesser known facts like "About twenty years back farm fresh vegetables would be brought to Mumbai by ‘Vasaiwallah’ every morning". He signs off by saying " The fort now has become a picnic spot for families and groups wanting to spend a day together. There are no eateries around so one has to carry ones own supplies of food and drink."

For more interesting facts you can visit

All in all we hope that this would give travelers and bloggers alike visibility and the enthusiasm to go out there explore!

Photo Courtesy: Magictravels

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