Thursday, August 26, 2010

Palaces, boats, temples & more: Travelers take their pick!

As i scout around different blogs i see a pattern,some hitting the popular spots and others visiting the the unknown amidst the known! These are the ones that catch my attention.

1. Mandu - Jahaz Mahal

My first stop was at Celina's visit to Mandu. Her journey through the Jahaz Mahal- The Ship Palace, her opening lines set the rhythm for the entire write up and i must see it is poetic and picturesque in my mind. Her imagination of a typical Mughal setting
It is a starlit sky. The dancers, musicians, the other artists and entertainers are dressed i n their finest best. Lanterns are lit and decorated all over the palace grounds. Music fills up the open halls of the Jahaz Mahal.

As she takes a walk along the beautiful gardens of the Royal Enclave of Mandu, in which the Jahaz Mahal is housed, she notices the origin of its name, she says
I see the Palace perched on a narrow strip of land flanked on either side by the lakes, Munj Talao and the Kapur Talao giving it the appearance of a ship anchored in water.

Extracts of Noor Jahan's words, splendid pictures taken from different spots in the palace and description of the intricate architecture form a perfectly seasoned article!For the detailed write up click here.

2. Alleppey - Snake Boat Race

As i continue browsing, mentally i'm already planning a trip to this wonderful palace i just read about and my attention is drawn by sleek snake boats with precision paddles all aligned and racing ahead!

An experience expressed as it unfolded Charukesi writes about her experience at the Alleppey Snake Boat Race held recently.A photography workshop and then off to capture the race behind her lens, her words weave a picture in your head, like this one
Most of the times, we had no clue about what was going on – was it the pre-heats or the heats? Did this team not pass us just now? Where are the women rowers in their pretty blue blouses and sparkling white saris?

The race after a while looked pretty much the same i guess, so Charukesi decided to capture the mood of the people around and got some great shots of the people around. With some great shots of the race in full swing and the spectators mood captured she signs off on her weekend, and so do we as we move on to our next traveler of the week! For the detailed write up click here.

3. Kuppalli Hills

From blogs mostly about individual travels, this ones about the more common office team outing. Reading this blog takes me back to my office outing and as Ajey points out rightly, the best part of the team you work in can be common interests shared, just like mine in my first job!

Excited to discover the Kuppalli Hills, these youngsters head out and this is what he says

The trek was very nice with light drizzles. Once at the summit, we relaxed watching the awesome view. Clouds covered the view below, but with one blow of wind the clouds, like a curtain in a drama, uncovered and then covered back the view.

A straightforward blog about experiences described just like we would speak in everyday life, its indeed easygoing, like in this piece
After relaxing there for a while, we returned back to the Bus, had lunch at theerthhalli and then drove back to the lodge. Rest of the evening, we relaxed chatting and laughing..

With trekking, relaxing and getting some good shots of the hills they ended their weekend trip and headed back to their mundane office cubicles, and i browsed through further before i bumped upon my last read of the day!For the detailed write up click here.

4. Uttarkashi - Tehri Dam

So, i wrap up this weeks post with a rather interesting read about a dam up north, written sometime back but i still thought it was worth mentioning. This mamoth Tehri dam along the Bhagirathi river sure had Aravind amazed and so was i looking at the shots on his blog. Some facts, some history like this one that i particularly enjoyed

The very mention of Tehri dam brings one person in my mind, Sundar Lal Bahuguna. His satyagrahas, hunger strikes and the struggles for more than two decades went in vain when the Government succeeded in building massive dam at Tehri across Bhagirathi River.

Sprinkled with some great pictures, facts and a dose of history this Dam like the others mentioned in this piece straight go into my 'Must See 'In'dia" list!For the detailed write up click here.

Photo Courtesy Mention: Celina J S, Charukesi, Ajey, Aravind GJ,