Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Launching E-commerce for Holiday Packages

We have been working all this while behind curtains to try and figure out the conundrum called Holiday Packages. We are happy to formally launch our ecommerce packages, available at

This gives you the power to customize your package and book it online without any help. You can customize every piece of your package ranging from hotel to meals and transportation to sightseeing.

Of problems and solutions
As we have all experienced in past, booking a holiday package is a big pain. You can order a book online in 10 mins flat, so with a flight ticket. But why not a holiday package?

Well, now you can. And there's a perfectly good reason why it was not available till now. Anywhere. Because it is humongously complex.

It took us about 8 months of effort to come up with a version that is seamless. We soft launched it in Apr earlier this year and have seen extremely good results since then over a thousand bookings (which I'll talk about in another post).

Beginning of an epic journey for us. More features coming soon. Have fun holidaying this season!

Also check out the Press Release.

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