Friday, December 6, 2013

Exploring Ooty – Beyond the Contemporary

Ooty is one of the most celebrated names in the tourism industry. Located in Tamil Nadu, its proximity to the major cities like Chennai and Bangalore makes it an ideal place to visit even for a short duration. A lot has been explored and much has been said about the facets that makes Ooty a desirable destination. Let us shift the paradigm from the regular ‘what to see and do in Ooty’ and focus on ‘unique places and unexplored attractions in Ooty’ which you can visit on your next trip to Ooty

Avalanche Valley
Avalanche Valley – This is one of the less frequented yet one of the most charming attractions in Ooty. Located around 28 km from Ooty, the valley is filled Shola trees, rhododendrons, orchids, magnolias and a trout stream, not to miss the unending natural beauty. What was once an adventurer’s delight has now become a favorite hot spot for those planning their honeymoon in Ooty. The valley is open for public from 10 am till 5 pm. Please note that vehicles are allowed only till a certain point and from there one needs to take the government vehicles in order to explore the forests. Vehicle tour begins at 11 am and last vehicles leaves at 3 pm. 

Upper Bhavani

Upper Bhavani – When the roads turn rough, weather starts to change every 10 minutes and mists gets denser, you are about the reach the very less explored Upper Bhavani. This attraction is 38 km from Ooty and takes approximately 1½ hours to reach. What greets the eyes is worth all the effort and risk one undertakes to reach the place. With the endless stretch of water, gurgling streams and captivating mist, the place is beyond words and renders its onlookers, speechless. Do not miss exploring this place on your Ooty tour packages in Tamil Nadu. Western catchment, Porthimund Lake and small isles are among the attractions you can explore around Upper Bhavani. 

Emerald Lake
 Emerald Lake – Emerald Lake is a part of the Silent Valley and is enroute to the Avalanche valley from Ooty. Shaped like the number ‘8’, the lake is all about scenic beauty. This popular picnic spot is around 25 km from the Ooty town and is beautifully surrounded by tea plantation. If you want to holiday away from the buzzing Ooty town, then a resort located close to the lake, is the answer to your prayers. Mountain biking, bird watching, fishing and trekking are among the popular activities tourists can enjoy on their Emerald lake tours in South India

Ooty is well connected to most parts of South India and for those travelling to the town, the fairy tale ‘toy train ride’ from Mettupalayam to Ooty or from Ooty to Coonoor and back is a ‘not to be missed’ indulgence. If you are in Ooty for a couple of days then you can also include a trip to Bandipur National Park or Mudumalai National Park as both of these wildlife destinations are extremely popular and are at a close distance from Ooty.

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