Thursday, February 6, 2014

Goa Carnival from 9th to 12th Feb 2014 – Are you There Yet 

Street Procession During Carnival
 One of the most exciting festivals in Goa, the Goa Carnival, is scheduled to be held from the 9th till the 12th of February 2014. Other than Christmas and New Year, this is the best time to take up Goa tour packages and enjoy the great Goa tourism in India.

Goa Tourism
Goa is the most vibrant state in India boasting of long stretches of palm fringed beaches. It is the most popular tourism places in India and a must visit place for both domestic as well as international travelers. Divided roughly in two regions – North and South Goa, the state offers water sports, heritage attractions and holy churches as its main attractions. The cities in Goa are very charming and are worth exploring on your Goa holiday tours.

Carnival at Goa 
The whole of Goa is prepping up for this exciting holiday season. Tourists specifically book Goa tourism India packages during this time to explore the best of Goa culture. During the days as well as night festive zest can be seen on the streets which come alive with colors, music, dance, processions and floats. This festival was once celebrated only by the local population but of recent, it has become a global rage with a lot of people even planning their honeymoon in Goa during this time. 

Floats During Carnival

What to Enjoy During Goa Carnival
The carnival in Goa is not only confined to music and dance but this is also a great time to enjoy lip smacking food that is served on the beach shacks and various restaurants. Tourists in India, who have come specially for the Goa Carnival festival can enjoy visiting the various flea markets as well. The awesome Goa carnival parade which is held is spectacle to watch. The famous red-and-black dance held at Clube Nacional is a not to be missed event. 

There are numerous tourism places in India which tourists can explore while on their holidays in Goa. This year plan a wonderful holiday by booking Goa packages during the time of the Carnival festival and enjoy a great holiday.

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