Thursday, March 20, 2014

Top Tips on Keeping Your Children Calm on a Holiday Trip

The Universal Approach of Bribe – In the world of parenting, bribing is a controversial but popular child control method. The best time to practice appropriate bribery is on a road or air-plane trip. The trick is to offer the bribe before any bad behaviour starts. This will keep the kids motivated to follow your instructions during the trip. 

Planning and Direction – Plan the nap time of your child during the journey to make sure they sleep for most part of the trip. In case of older children, establish rules as to how quiet and calm they must keep. Also carry their toys to keep them engaged. Also when choosing your holiday destination, make sure you pick a place which has lot of open space and kid-friendly activities. 

Appreciation and Punishment – Make sure you compliment your kid time and again to make him or her fell how good they are doing. A simple “wow, thank you for being so quiet” or “I am so happy with your behaviour’, will drive them to behave in order to be praised. In case, they are not listening to you then use small consequences like 2 minute time out or anything you feel is appropriate. The idea is to be firm and not mean.

Keeping the Kids Engaged – Kids are store house of energy and it very difficult to keep them seated in a place for long. Carry your kid’s favourite toys or any hand held device which will keep them busy. Make a list of low-noise games you can play on the plane or in the car. You can also offer new toys to your kids as new and unseen toys will keep them silently fascinated. 

Involve Yourself – Rather than giving them deadly stares or the silence treatment, involve yourself in your child’s activity. You can read or sing along with them to keep them engaged. Also rotate your child care duties with your spouse before you run out of your batteries.

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